My name is Ginfranca, and together with my husband, Maurizio, I am glad to welcome you at Acacia.

My name is Ginfranca, and together with my husband, Maurizio, I am glad to welcome you at Acacia.

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Agriturismo Acacia visto dall'alto.

From family farm to Agriturismo

In the sharecropping years, which lasted until about the late 1970s, the farm was mainly used for grazing and feeding animals, while the surrounding fields were cultivated with wheat and corn to sustain the people working the land.

Acacia in its current form was formed by Gin’s father, Lorenzo, who transformed the farm into an agriturismo in the early 1990s to give open-minded guest access to the beauties of the Pollino.

Later a restaurant, built from the walls of the old sheep barn, was added to the guest house, so that our guests could enjoy local traditional dishes, skilfully prepared by Gin`s mother, Angela. There is also a large area designated for boy scout groups with bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a separate dining and cooking room, four toilets and three showers in the field and a place for campfires in the evening.

Acacia Agriturismo Ginfranca in cucina

Ginfranca: from city life, back to the origins

I was born and raised in San Costantino Albanese. Later I went to Tuscany to study. There I met my husband, Maurizio – also from Basilicata, Val D’Agri – and eventually turned my passion for cooking into a living. At that time, my presence at Acacia was limited to the summer and holiday periods. Far from Acacia, but with Acacia always in my heart. Until I realized that the hustle and bustle of city life was no longer for me, and so we decided to go back to the roots to live back home and to breathe new life into Acacia.

I like to pamper our guests, to prepare a tasty meal for them, to get to know them and tell them about our region. Maurizio, on the other hand, waits on our guests, always ready to fulfil every wish with warmth and kindness. And when he is not looking after our guests, you will find him on the tractor or in the woods, taking care of the farm.

Acacia Agriturismo Ginfranca in cucina

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